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Track/Speed Workouts

Spring Track/Speed Workouts

The weekly sessions take about an hour with a warm-up and a cool-down. Try to get there early to do your warmup and be ready to start the session at 6PM. The workouts revolve around 2 to 3 miles of fast running, broken up into various lengths, from 200 meters to 1600 meters. When: Starting at 6 PM on April 1, 2016. Every Wednesday through September. Where: Wachusett Regional High School track, Main St. (Rt. 122A), Holden. Coach: Barbara McManus  

Winter Track/Speed Workouts

When: starting at 7:00 PM on January 26, 2016. Every Tuesday evening through March. Where: Worcester State University, 486 Chandler Street, Worcester. Meet behind the Sullivan Auditorium, at the temporary athletics office. The track, nearby hills and even the multi-story parking garage is used for these workouts. Coach: Al Halper, 508-873-5827