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Boston Rehearsal Run

Boston Marathon Rehearsal Run

Registration is NOW OPEN for the Boston Marathon Rehearsal Run. It is initially open to current CMS members only. If any spots remain after the Winter Banquet, those seats will be offered to non-club members starting on February 11th.

Date: Saturday morning, March 24, 2018. There will be no Snow Date this year.

Distance: Up to 21 miles, ending near Boston College. If you do not wish to run the full 21 miles, please scroll down this page for a policy change new this year (2018).

Location: Boston Marathon Route starting in Hopkinton. The bus will drop the runners off at the start line and meet them at the finish area, at about the 21 mile mark.

Meeting place: We will be meeting at 6:45 AM at the parking lot of Worcester State University, 486 Chandler Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, near the Ghosh Science building and athletic fields.

Cost: $30.00 per person. The fee covers the cost of the bus and driver and supplies available during the run. The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you are ill or otherwise unable to attend, you may transfer it to someone else. You may use the CMS Facebook page to arrange that, but neither the club nor the event coordinator will be responsible. If you do arrange this transfer, please make sure we know who your replacement is. We will need that person’s contact information for safety reasons.

For Distances Less than 21 Miles (NEW POLICY): We will still accommodate partial distances with one condition. You must plan to finish your run at Boston College, the 21 mile mark. This means that if you plan to run 15 miles, we will drive you from Hopkinton to the Mile 6 mark in Framingham where you will begin. This is necessary due to the heavy crowds, both runners and cars. Runners are difficult to pick out from a thick pack. Also, space in the sag-wagons is limited and is needed for those who are forced to drop out due to the body not cooperating. We will not have enough space to fit planned drop outs on top of that. Once you reach Wellesley, traffic is too heavy for cars to make multiple trips.

Payment  We have added the ability to pay via PayPal this year (2018). Since you can now go online and pay instantly, WE WILL NOT RESERVE ANY UNPAID SEATS! It’s first come, first serve. You may pay by check if you wish, but your seat is not booked until the check arrives in the mail, not while it’s in transit.
SOME PAYPAL TIPS (to avoid service charges):
- Choose the Friends & Family option. There is a fee for the Goods & Services option.
- Pay through your checking account. There is a fee for the credit card method.

Interest from Non-CMS Members: Some seats may become available to others after the CMS Winter Banquet. This page will be updated if that occurs.

Registration: Download the .doc Sign-Up Form 

Contact, email and phone: Mike Keating, 508-856-9583.