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West Boylston Rail Trail 5K and 10K

West Boylston Rail Trail 5K and 10K Fun Run Series
Tuesdays in June
June 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th, 2017

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: The West Boylston Rail Trail. Park at the Thomas Street Lot.

Amenities: There will be water available. Course is marked, and fun run is self-timed.

Contact: Bob Dio with any questions at

Post-Run: Participants in this event have been known to congregate at Steve's Pizzeria after their exertions for pizza and even occasionally a beer. Trips to Meola's for ice cream are also not unheard of. All are welcome!

Course Preview
Thank you to Barry Bacon for this informative guide to the course. Click the pictures to see larger versions.

The start and finish at the
Thomas Street entrance.
The 1 mile point is located just before
coming out of the woods to the 190 overpass.
Approaching the 5K turnaround.

The 5K turnaround is marked with powder. The 2 mile point is located beyond
the bridge after the 5K turnaround.
At the 2.74 mile point, you will come to this gate.
Take the path to the right which leads
into the woods to the 10K turnaround.

Approaching the 10K turnaround at the top of the hill. The 10K turnaround point is also marked in powder. The 4 mile point has no distinguishing
characteristics marking it in the forest.

The 5 mile point leads you back to the 190 overpass. The 6 mile point is at the beginning of the fence on
the right. The 3 mile point is at the end of this
same fence on the right for the 5K race.
The finish is back at the Thomas Street entrance.