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Runners Raising Funds

This page lists our CMS runners who are raising money for charity. Email Hicham Maalouf or Nick Karanacus to submit your statement and link to the charity for whom you are raising funds.  

Kim Wamback

Good Evening,
This June I will be riding the MS ride with friends to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. I am excited to participate in this event since many people suffer from MS and there is currently no cure. This disease is occurring most frequently to individuals between the ages of 20-50 and those affected face a lifetime of unpredictable symptoms.
I will be riding with the Pigtailed Peddlers team. The Pigtailed Peddlers are riding in honor of our friend Jen Hogan. Jen lost her life unexpectedly last year. Although her death not from MS she was very interested in helping others and this ride meant a lot to her. She enjoyed people and animals and was such a great spirit. The Pigtailed Peddlers will be riding with Jen watching over us to raise money and awareness for MS. Thank you so much in advance. Love, Kim

Kim Wamback

So never say never. I said I would never run another marathon again! Well here I am! What can I say a few friends talked me into it and it sounds like a fun race with some good people. Also, more importantly I have friends and family who have fought to give us the freedom we have today. So what a great cause to give back to those who fight for this country everyday. By signing on with Mass Fallen Heroes, I have been given the opportunity to honor the fallen, give thanks to veterans returning home and show gratitude to the families left behind. This is the least I can do for the sacrifices they have made! Massachusetts Fallen Heroes’ mission is to inaugurate a permanent memorial dedicated to the men and women of Massachusetts who have lost their lives while fighting the Global War on Terrorism since 2001, and to provide a multitude of advocacy services to Veterans and families of the fallen. #runwiththemarines Thank you in advance in sponsoring my journey. Love, Kim
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Joanne Bedard

On October 25 I am running the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon with Team Racing for Veterans (Team R4V)!  I am raising funds and awareness for America’s veterans.  My fundraising goal is $1,000 and I really need your support to reach it.  Any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated! For more info, please click here