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Volunteer of the Month

Our volunteers are the best in the world! Once a month, one person that has volunteered for CMS is selected by random drawing to win a $25 gift certificate to the location of their choice, and they are declared the official Volunteer of the Month.

Special thanks to these great volunteers! Some have been members for many years, others won the drawing after their very first time volunteering. All of them are integral part of the club, and we are lucky to have them.

January, 2016
Karen Pajer

February 2016
Steve Laska

March 2016
Alissa Zib

April 2016
Ed Healey

May 2016
Jeff Kristoff

June 2016
Karen Pajer

July 2016
Jody Bachand

August 2016
Marie Dio

September 2016
Jen Graves

October 2016
Júnea Mota

November 2016
Karen Pajer

December 2016
George Higgins

January 2017
Matt Goulet

February 2017
David McNamara

March 2017
Adam Cohen

April 2017
Shilpa Ananthakrishnan

May 2017
Melissa McDonald

June 2017
Neal Szulga

July 2017
Keri Hoenig

August 2017
Vin Garofoli

September 2017
Annette Lemerise