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Member Benefits

Wondering why you should join CMS? Beyond the chance to share your love of running with others and meet some of the best people around, there are several reasons why our $20 membership fee is a great investment and one of the best deals going!

CMS Members receive discounts to many local businesses, including the following:
Sneakerama, Lake Ave., Worcester, MA | 10%
PR Running, Westboro, MA | 10%
Marathon Sports, Shrewsbury, MA | 10%
Bikes + Life, 1067 Main St., Worcester, MA | 10% on parts and accessories | e-mail for access to the code
SportsZenergy | 78 Boylston St., Worcester, MA | $10 off 60/90 minute massages

All CMS Members are welcome to attend our Track Workouts. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a beginner, all members are encouraged to join in and take advantage of the knowledge of our experienced, innovative coaches. Workouts are FREE and are a wonderful way to improve your speed and overall fitness.

Beyond our track workouts, all members are welcome to attend our Supported Long Runs during the winter season. Get through those long, cold months from January through April with the support of other runners as well as Coach Al Halper out of Worcester State University. There are also many group runs every week, including regular 5@5 (5 miles at 5:00 AM) runs in Leominster, Holden, Rutland, Worcester, and more. Join our Facebook Group for more details, or to post a run of your own. Keep an eye out for other fun, free events like Full Moon Trail Runs in West Boylston and long summer trail runs in Rutland, and one of the best events of the year, our Annual Christmas Eve Fun Run to O'Connor's.

Do you also like to race for cheap? Check out our 52 Week Series 5K at Worcester State University every Saturday for only $3 for CMS Members. Members also receive a discount to our Newton Hill Cross Country 5K Series. And if you think we can't beat those deals, the following races are completely FREE! The entire Lake Park Summer Fitness 5K Series as well as our Members Only 5K. That's right, these races are FREE with your membership.

For those willing to become regular volunteers at CMS races and events, there is also the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon with a timed-waived entry based on your volunteer service.

So what are you waiting for? Join us today!